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Who we are…

Overseas Medical Travel is an international medical travel facilitator offering its clients an unmatched experience through our team of local in-country experts and network of offices throughout the world.

Our comprehensive approach has taken every possible aspect of your journey into consideration, which enables us to seamlessly link your needs and requests to our vast network of accredited destination treatment centers, clinics, doctors and specialists. By design, you’ll enjoy the privileges of not only a full-service medical travel concierge but benefit from our over 20 years of travel and leisure experience, allowing you access to some of the most magnificent hotel properties, leisure activities and wellness spas in the world!

When you travel with Overseas Medical Travel, you travel with the confidence of our experience and international sphere of influence, empowering you to become an instant insider!

Core Values


As a medical travel facilitator, we work constantly to ensure that you have the best customer experience possible on your journey. There’s a lot to remember while traveling- here’s how we make things easy.

Why Travel…

Every year an estimated 11-14 million patients choose to travel for healthcare services. Benefits vary from destination to destination with some of the most common being:

Higher quality care – Access to specialty treatments – Access to excluded treatments – Reduced waiting periods – Second opinions

  • Higher quality care

  • Access to specialty treatments
  • Access to excluded treatments
  • Reduced waiting periods
  • Second opinions

Average Savings









Popular Medical Travel Destinations

Our medical partners are selected because they uphold our high quality standards and offer you variety and flexibility in the services you need. Learn more about our most popular medical travel destinations below.





The Right Healthcare at the Right Price..

What To Expect

You’ve found us, and we can help. Either via the internet, by word of mouth, or through your current physician, you’ve been directed to our 5-Star Standard medical travel services. AHT is dedicated to your satisfaction, quality care, and value throughout all stages of your medical travel journey. Review our services below and see how the process works step-by-step.

1. Getting Started

It all starts with a personal consultation. An Agile Global Health employee will conduct a personalized interview in order to understand your needs and preferences for medical care and travel. We’ll help you collect relevant medical records and diagnostic results that will allow your medical provider abroad to better assess and treat your ailment. If there is no local Agile Global Health office available, then contact one of our trained Care Consultants ready to help by phone, chat, or email.

2. Customized Medical Travel Options

With silver, gold, platinum, or premium plans available—all with Agile Global Health’s 5-Star Standard of personal service—our plans are specifically customized to meet your needs or the needs of your loved ones. See our plans here.

3. Decision Making

Agile Global Health is here to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to make an informed choice regarding your medical care. Ultimately, the power rests in your hands. You make the decision that is best for your situation, and we work to facilitate the next steps based upon your selection.

Life Style

Connecting you to world-class accredited health care is just half of our mission. We also promote overall wellbeing by connecting you to the professionals that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. From nutritionists to spas to holistic alternatives – we’ll make all the arrangements to help you achieve your goals!




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